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A Prophet for This Generation

“The book you are holding in your hands is a passionate appeal to take a fresh look at God’s end time gift. The timeliness and relevance of this call cannot be overstated. Joakim takes you on a journey providing insights that will inspire, motivate and challenge you.”

– Daniel Pel, Director, Living Water Ministry | Pastor/Evangelist in the Norwegian Union

“Ellen White was buried in an American graveyard 100 years ago, but her spiritual writings still change lives. In this book we see them reach down through the years, across the Atlantic Ocean, and have a massive impact on a young man living in secular Europe. Joakim’s lively style makes this a highly readable book. If you’re a sceptic, it will give you plenty of food for thought.”

– Gary Krause, Director, Office of Adventist Mission | Associate Secretary, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

“This is just what the world needs right now!”

– Gladys Kubrock, Ellen G. White’s oldest living relative

“In an easy-to-read and engaging manner, A Prophet for This Generation delves into the topic of Ellen White and her continued relevance for us today.  In these pages you will find much more than mere facts, insightful information, or careful apologetics; you will be moved by a deeply passionate appeal to greater consecration to our Lord and the instruction He has given.  Joakim’s passion for the Spirit of Prophecy as well as the One who gave it is infectious and inspiring.  May all who read this book likewise find such joy in this most precious gift given to us.”

– Alistair Huong, Executive Director of AudioVerse

“Get to know Ellen G. White and her prophetic gift in a very unique and down to earth way. Joakim’s youthful, but tactful, style makes this an energizing and fun reading experience. Simple. Powerful. A must read for all who seek to fasten themselves on the more sure word of prophecy.”

– Christian Liber, Designer, ManHu | Author of Hive Life

“Thank you for sending me your book, A Prophet for This Generation. The special contribution of this book is that it brings Ellen G. White’s work and message close to the reader, into the realm of everyday life. And it addresses questions that today’s believers and faith interested people carry in their hearts and minds. Congratulations. May many readers be motivated to make use of this God-given gift, which will help them to live life at its best. May God grant that, as we are now celebrating „100 Years of Ellen G. White’s Life & Work,“ many who read this book will discover, accept and adopt her heaven sent messages and day by day be changed more into Christ’s likeness.”

– Gabriel Maurer, EUD Secretary General (2003-2015)

“Why another book? Because God’s people still have not fully embraced the gift that He has given us. At a time when many Adventist’s either don’t use or misuse, the Spirit of Prophecy writings, this book provides an easy-to-understand guide and introduction into how both novices and experienced Christians can read, understand and practice these inspired words in a balanced and truthful approach. Joakim Hjortland inspires the reader to pick up and experience for themselves the blessing and power contained in these prophetic writings.”

– Anders René Wiik, Medical Student | Member of the Norwegian Union Conference Executive Committee

“Joakim offers a clear, interesting, and compelling assessment of the gift of prophecy as seen in the life of Ellen G. White. If you are a young person struggling to know the relevance of her writings for your life, or if you already treasure the gift and want your faith to be confirmed, this book is for you!”

– Natasha Nebblett, President, Generation. Youth. Christ. (GYC)

“A book with a mission! A book with a vision! Be inspired by the clear appeal to finish this work and go home. It was a blessing for me to be reminded not only of the blessing we have, but also the grand responsibility God has charged us with! Thank you Joakim for clearly showing the importance of these prophetic writings.”

– Jeremy Zwiker, President of the Granheim Foundation | Member of the East-Norwegian Conference Executive Committee

“Insightful! Informative! Inspirational! Joakim presents his subject and the burden of his heart with the freshness, honesty and simplicity of youth. He rightly understands the beauty, the compassion and kindness of God in giving us this precious and wonderful gift. May hundreds of thousands be blessed by its reading. Truly it is a book for this generation.”

– Kim Busl, OCI Field Vice-President Africa and Western Europe

“With a maturity that belies his youth, Joakim’s raw passion for his generation is clearly evident in this book. A rousing appeal for action – especially for the youth of today.”

– Daryl Cheng, Medical Doctor | Chairperson, Adventist Youth for Christ (AYC), Australia

“Thank God for Joakim Hjortland’s masterful work. His book, A Prophet for This Generation is timely–clear, concise, and powerful. His arguments are inspired and tactfully convicting. Every Adventist needs to imbibe this work.”

– Frank Fournier, President, ASI (2011-2015)