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Would you have liked to receive an email from Ellen White’s oldest living relative?

Yesterday, November 21, it happened to me! Do you want to know what she wrote? Then let’s go! 93 years old Gladys Kubrock (born 1922), the great-granddaughter of Ellen White and the granddaugther of William “Willie” White (1854-1937), gave me permission to share it with you!

“Dear Joakim,

Several days ago I received your appealing book about God’s prophet for our generation, and I was thrilled with it.  Thank you so much for sending to me and for the gracious words you said about me.  It is written in a style to demand being read by every SDA and especially the Youth.

I am in bewilderment at how you accomplished writing it in such a short time.  God blessed you mightily indeed.  I loved all the footnotes and verification of everything and where to find anything on the internet!  I wish I knew modern tech— but it’s for this generation.

I am sure that it will be joyfully received and play a large part in bringing us HOME SOON!   with love and earnest prayer that it will be the conversion of many souls.  I am so glad God brought you into my life as well as thousands of others.  In wonder!!–Gladys”  


Here is a picture with Gladys and me, in Napa Valley California, from my research trip for the book “A Prophet For This Generation.”

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